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5 MAGNIFICENT bathroom Ideas for an original bathroom!

Simpler to say than to do.
True, there is no shortage of sector magazines and some blogs are full of galleries with hundreds of seductive photos.

There is a problem .
Often it’s just photos.
Beautiful to browse, but useless in practice.
If you want a bathroom with personality and character, you need a guide.

And of answers.
In the next few lines, you will find 9 ideas for an extraordinary and unconventional venue.
I exaggerated?
Read the whole guide, then let me know!

Idea # 1: The hexagonal tiles

It is indisputable: floors and coatings are an important element in the bathroom look.

If you’re looking for something special, consider hexagonal tiles:

bathroom ideas1

bathroom ideas1

You find them in different materials (porcelain stoneware, terracotta, cement …) and an infinite number of colors.

There are companies with entire dedicated collections, because “the hexagon” is back in fashion.

As for the ” where to apply them” , you have more options.


Only the walls

bathroom ideas2

bathroom ideas2

In this case, the floor tiles will have another shape (square or rectangular).


Floor only

It is the opposite of the previous hypothesis.

bathroom ideas3

bathroom ideas3

Both floor and wall tiles
Choose this road? I advise you not to use a single color .

One of the qualities of hexagonal tiles is that they can “move” the environment (if you allow it).How to move the environment?

In addition to different tones, it evaluates irregular geometric shapes and mixes decorations.The “WOW” effect is assured. 😮

Define an area
I really like this possibility.

The goal is to delimit and / or highlight a bathroom area.

Just an image that makes the idea:

bathroom ideas4

bathroom ideas4

In the case above, the hexagonal tiles were used to circumscribe the spaces.

On the floor, you could divide the sink area from the rest of the room; and / or do the same thing with the coverings (perhaps to give importance to the bath or shower area).

Idea # 2: Colored sanitary ware

And who said that white is the color of bathroom fixtures? 😬

If you want a unique and out of the ordinary bathroom , get help from the toilet and bidet .

In this niche, you will find companies with refined and design proposals.

An example is Ceramica Cielo , which in some collections offers furnishings of many colors (basalt, sandstone, glossy black, oats, frost, pumice …)

bathroom ideas5

bathroom ideas5

Another reality is Hatria , and in particular the “Abito” collection:

I saw this creation in person.

bathroom ideas6

bathroom ideas6

Despite the unusual color , the bathroom was really beautiful.

And you can “dare” even with other furnishings.

Idea # 3: The sink Bathroom ideas

Those in the picture are the supporting bowls , from the Shui Comfort collection.

bathroom ideas7

bathroom ideas7

An alternative is Ceramica Globo , which offers a good choice of tones:

It’s then up to you to decide on the right type of washbasin .

bathroom ideas8

bathroom ideas8

The possibilities


Idea # 4: Design radiator

Don’t underestimate him.

I noticed that many people do not reserve the right importance , and in the end they choose one of the “many” pieces of the fray (the tubular classics, of various sizes).

But here the goal is to furnish an original and unique bathroom , so the radiator should not be ordinary.

bathroom ideas9

bathroom ideas9

The name derives from the “folds” of the radiator, which serve as a towel rail .

It is available in two widths and heights, and also in the electric version.

You will have over 200 color variations available !

I liked it because it is a particular object, elegant and well studied.

Idea # 5: The wallpaper

Here is an idea that alone can make the difference .

First of all, forget walls covered from top to bottom.

With modern paper, you just need to cover one wall.

bathroom ideas10

bathroom ideas10


Have you ever thought of covering only the inside of the shower ?

It is a proposal that I put on the plate, and you are certain that it will be the most admired corner of the bathroom.

It is a coating designed for wet, waterproof and decorative environments.

Other proposals?

bathroom ideas11

bathroom ideas11





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