5 tips to light up the kitchen table to the fullest

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To meet the needs of your customers, follow our design suggestions: we will accompany you step by step in choosing the most suitable design lamps for lighting the kitchen table .


5 tips to light up the kitchen table to the fullest

Lighting the kitchen table correctly means ensuring optimal lighting at the central point of the room and outlining the aesthetic profile by installing one or more lighting design solutions in which style and functionality coexist in perfect balance.


To best realize the decorative lighting project for the home you are working on, follow our 5 design tips:


Focus the lighting around the table

Evaluate the shape and size of the table

Choose the lamp model based on the ceiling height

Use a single lamp or a chandelier for small tables

Create a sequence of lamps in sequence for long tables

1 Focus the lighting around the table

The table is the heart of the kitchen. It is the central point around which one is about to do chores or simply meet to have meals with family or friends.

Therefore, the main objective is to make the table the focal point of your lighting design project for the kitchen, creating a unique atmosphere around it.

kitchen table 1

kitchen table 1

As an area of ​​interest, the table will have to enjoy optimal lighting to ensure excellent visibility and at the same time delimit the area, making it intimate and comfortable.


2 Choose the lamp model based on the ceiling height

High or low ceiling?

Before selecting the lamp models to be installed above the kitchen table, we advise you to carefully evaluate the height of the ceiling . The choice of the most suitable solution varies according to the height of the ceiling, specifically the distance between it and the surface to be illuminated.


kitchen table 2

kitchen table 2




For example, versatile and never banal suspension lamps are the most commonly used solutions to give light to rooms with high or medium height ceilings, while in the case of spaces with low ceilings, ceiling lights or recessed lamps are often chosen .


3 Evaluate the shape and size of the table

Evaluating the shape and size of the table does not directly determine the choice of the lamp, but could be of great help to you.

kitchen table 3

kitchen table 3

Taking table measurements into account will allow you to determine how many and which lamps to install.

For example, the lighting of a round table does not require the installation of the same number of lamps that might be needed to illuminate a long rectangular table. Furthermore, considering the size of the table, you will be able to identify the most suitable models to play on contrasts of shapes and sizes, thus enriching the aesthetic potential of the entire area.


4 Small table? Use a single lamp or a chandelier of suitable dimensions

It is always better not to overdo it when it comes to lighting small tables. In this case, you could opt for a single design lamp for the kitchen table or choose an important chandelier , taking into consideration the size and shape of the table.

kitchen table 4

kitchen table 4

In both cases the lighting source will have to guarantee both homogeneous brightness and add a note of style to the furnishing complex, without weighing down its aesthetic appearance.


5 Create a composition of multiple lamps in sequence for long tables

In the case of long tables, you could install multiple lighting sources placed in sequence above the table.

kitchen table 5

kitchen table 5

Creating a composition of lamps is surprisingly  advantageous in purely technical and aesthetic terms .

On the one hand, you’ll get an aesthetic composition of impact lighting design ; on the other hand, by introducing more light points you will ensure visibility and lighting distributed along the entire surface.

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