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Equity Research Process

We have a strong and un-cluttered research process

At Ficuswealth, we continue to focus on getting our Research Process right, so that we are ahead of the curve and are able to identify Value Investment ideas consistently. Over the last several years, our Research Team has focused consistently on selecting the right asset class which has the potential to emerge as a wealth creator idea. Our focus has helped us gain several insights about these asset classes and when to buy into them.

Key Highlights of our Research Process

We strive for the following:
  High Quality Primary Research with inputs from several on-ground sources, a network which has been built over the years. We       get insights about the Business and Management Quality from various sources and verify them with specific instances.

  We also follow a Strict Investment Checklist which continues to get updated with each of our Investment Idea. We also try to        understand several of the general “Hits and Misses” in the market and improve our checklist from these learning’s.

  Long Term Approach to Investing allows us to analyze the future of the Business 3-5 years down the line and not get bogged        down by temporary issues.

  Understand the Key Drivers of Growth and Profitability which helps us to focus on these important parameters and project        them with a decent certainty.

  Deep Understanding of the Business and Management Quality that would help us to hold on to a stock during its bad phase        and also ride the entire Profits from a Winning pick without exiting early.

  Close Monitoring of our Core Portfolio Ideas with regular feedbacks on the Company’s performance and also the Sector        Dynamics. This helps us to recognize our mistakes and cut our losses at early stages of the investment.

  Our experience has taught us to focus more on the Accounting Quality of the companies we track and Corporate Governance        Indicators, considering the spurious track record of several companies in India on these parameters.

  We have a close Watch List of stocks which we like and where we have done substantial research to understand the quality of        the business. Thus, whenever there is a strong correction in the market and these stocks come to attractive levels, we deploy        capital on these ideas.

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